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My Location Notes :Place+

2.99 usd

Place+ app lets you record the places you visit and share with friends anytime anywhere. Just one touch, you can checkin and share the places to Facebook, Twitter, Email and photo albums right now.features:
1. Place Record: Record the places you visit with place information contain place name, gps coordinate and photo etc..
2. Export and Import: You can export and import all the places you record via Dropbox.
3. Change Location: You can set and edit the coordinate for a place.
4. Traverse all places: You can traverse all places you record in a single map.
5. Edit Place: Edit the place information about name, address, phone number and photo. You can also query address for this place.
6. Place Display: Display place information in the map and see the street view nearby the place. You can also see the place photo in full screen mode.
7. Directions: Get directions from where you are to the places you select and display in the map.
8. Share Place: Share the place map card to Facebook wall, Twitter, email and photo album. You can also check in when share a place to facebook.
9. Share Photo: Share the place photo to Facebook wall, Twitter, email and photo album. You can check in when share a photo to facebook.
10. Change Wallpaper: You can change the wallpaper (background image) of a photo from photo albums, camera or build-in wallpaper.